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Translation services

CSU Translation Department is able to ensure top quality results to customers. With an organizational structure designed to provide consistent high-quality results, the company is able to adapt the services offered to particular customer needs.

The company provides specialized translation services in various scientific fields. All work is translated by fully trained qualified translators working into their mother tongue, reviewed and proof-read by professionals within their own particular scientific and linguistic fields, into 12 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian) with considerable experience in the field of professional translation as well as specialized associates (legal scholars, economists, electrical & mechanical engineers, medical & biological scientists etc.).

The company’s translation department focuses in offering integrated methodological approaches for full corporate support and maintains all necessary infrastructures in order to deal with texts containing all sorts of particularities in their terminology, content and style.

The desired result can only be ensured through constructive liaison with the customer throughout the translation process. To this end, CSU precisely identifies the customer’s translation needs and interprets its wishes in the best possible manner.

With its background of specialized knowledge in the field of companies’ establishment and its in-depth understanding of the market's needs today, CSU is steadily establishing itself in the translation of legal, scientific, technical, financial, medical and other texts utilizing state-of-the-art technology for the most efficient management of the major translation projects it undertakes, the company may successfully handle the consistent usage of established terminology. At the same time, translation memories are used to effectively deal with large-volume texts with high degree of repetition. The company also maintains terminology data bases to which its translators have immediate access through the company local area network.

Technical Translation

Translation of manuals for electronic devices, medical instruments, mechanical equipment, pharmaceutical products and vehicle manuals with technical accuracy and proper style.

Legal, Economic Translation

Translation of contracts, agreements, articles of association and other notary deeds, corporate documents, balance sheets, annual accounts etc., realized by professional translators, proofread by experts and certified by lawyers.

Software Localization Translation

Translation and localization of software, manuals and help files. CSU provides full web site translation and multilingual content handling.

Terminology management

The creation of a glossary is the first and most important step in the translation process. The lack of approved translations for terminology, leads to inconsistent translations. Terminology management combines tools and process steps to ensure that correct terms are available to translators wherever and whenever they work.

Building company-specific terminology

CSU S.A. offers compilation and maintenance of fully customized company terminology, in order to optimize quality, to speed up turnaround times and to lower costs.

Applied Technology

CSU applies the latest technology in the implementation of translation projects for translation memory and terminology management, along with other tools as needed, for automating the organization, preparation and monitoring the entire project.