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Registering a company

The service of the "registered seat" is determined primarily for entities starting business and for whom thorough monitoring of costs is one of the primary matters. Although a "virtual office" is optimal for doing business whose character does not require an office and ideal for small and medium businesses, which need a good address in various jurisdictions, this is something that does not apply for Greek entities.

CSU S.A. provides services of business seats for newly incorporated or existing businesses in major cities in Greece in accordance with the valid legislative conditions (identification of seat in accordance with the fiscal laws in force).

According to the Greek legislation, the registered seat is the address which is registered as a seat in the Memorandum and Articles of Association (regarding A.E. and EPE companies) in the Commercial Register or other documentation set up by law. Each business entity conducting business in the Greek territory needs to have a "real" address, which is actually inspected by the Tax Officers, in order to be verified that it complies with regulations applied for the business scope of the company.

CSU S.A. may locate the suitable office for your business and lease it to your company on an annual basis. Our company may also provide serviced offices with minimum term one year lease.

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