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  • Our specialization is in registering a company
  • You should definitely consult C.S.U. for setting up a limited company

Company setup

We aim:
- To excel in Outsourcing Management Consultancy, usual or challenging, simple or complex.
- To provide all services for the smooth initiation of Business setup of foreign business in Greece and support them throughout all the processes of their operations.
- To provide all services for setting up a limited company or any other form of enterprise in all jurisdictions that may interest our clients.

CSU has been in the Outsourcing Management services provision and company setup, for a decade. The added value of all the experience gained throughout the course of our organisation is what we offer to our clientele. Comprising of all sectors of services for day to day management as well as operations we provide our customers a non-aggressive environment to let them focus on the objectives of their business. By taking all the burden of bureaucracy and offering total solutions, tailor fitted to the needs of each trade or industry we have successfully managed to offer the best to our clients thus saving time and overhead costs incurred during the process of registering a company should one want to start a business in Greece or to set up a limited company abroad.

Being in the crossroad of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Balkans we take advantage of all strategic alliances, have a quite complete database and take advantage of the sole position our company has in Greece as the first and sole provider for such services.

CSU has the support of an elite of Legal and Accounting professionals and by coordinating the services to the client needs we have successfully managed to service companies of totally different objectives ranging from tax, legal, telecommunications, insurance, trading and renewable energy, to real estate, logistics, marketing, shipping and engineering applications.

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