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Company name check

When incorporating a company, among the first things to check is the name you wish to incorporate. The Registrar of Companies will only refuse a name if it is identical, almost identical or phonetically the same as a name already registered or implies state sponsorship. Use of certain sensitive words such as "Bank", "Insurance" and "Group" require special permission.

CSU S.A. provides a check that the title wished is acceptable by the respective Chamber where the company is formed.

Briefly, the restrictions that apply are the following:

  • - If the name is the same with that of another company it cannot be registered
  • - the use of certain words is restricted; and
  • - names likely to cause offence are not allowed.

CSU S.A. may also check whether the chosen name is similar to any other names already on the register. In addition, certain words and phrases are classified as sensitive by some governments. If this is the case they will be not accepted or may have to be justified for use.