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Company incorporation - Greece

Greek company law is based on the French system. The major types of companies under Greek Law are the equivalents of the French:

  • - Societé à Responsabilité Limité ( S.A.R.L.)
  • - Societé en Nom Collectif
  • - Sociteté en Commandité
  • - Societé Anonyme

Below are listed respectively the Greek equivalents of the above together with their main characteristics.

  • 1. Etairia Periorismenis Efthinis (E.P.E.) Main Characteristics. The E.P.E. is by law a commercial company governed by L.3190/55 as amended. The minimum share capital is €4.500. The capital is not devided by shares. Advantages
    - Limitation of liability
    - en Nom Collectif

  • 2. Omorithmi Etairia O.E.
  • 3. Eterorithmi Etairia E.E.
  • 4. Anonimi Etairia S.A.